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The Dream society is a group of artists from Sweden who have met since 2016 and discussed nightly dreams, both as a private phenomoenon and in their own artist practice. .Jung has described the dream as a theatre in where the dreamer herself is allowed to be both actor, director, author, audience and critic. The artist will present their work at an upcoming show at Norrtälje Konsthall, March 2019, under the title "The white Theatre".
 Den vita teatern
”Illuminated dreams” was a pilot-project and cross-disciplinary practice of social sculpture and psychodrama workshops for female ex-prisoners in Egypt 2017. It was an exchange of art practices between the organizations Life Foundation in Egypt and ArtAgent in Sweden. We shared nightly dreams, held meetings and built new networks in Alexandria and Abu Hammad. The aim was to give the women new channels to express themselves freely. 
Illuminated dreams
A project made at the Lichtenberg Studios, Berlin, 2016. The film, ”Daydreamer”, describes an inner journey, a Jungian individuation process, where a woman meets herself and shadows from the past. The place where it takes place is Stasi Museum, the former security department for the DDR regime. 
The Daydreamer


The project ”Imagine the city” was a project at ZK/U Berlin, fall 2015. The aim was  to investigate stories of Berlin in order to remember the past and discover the present in other ways than the common pictures. It encouraged participants to start a conversation across different disciplines, finding ways to become more autonomous and empower citizen’s influence in the society.
Imagine the city
Immaterial monuments, participatory art and community
The aim of the project by ArtAgent was to create a platform between artists, universities and NGOs in Sweden, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, to meet at the crossing point of art, society, public space and social sculpture and to share knowledge about tools for working with marginalised and vulnerable groups.
In the project Visualize the Invisible by ArtAgent, organisations in Balkan and Sweden, implemented participatory art projects in Croatia, Albania and Macedonia. The artists used different art forms as video, installation, performance  in co-operation with young people in residential areas, roman communities, in social institutions as prisons, schools, cares institutions. All participants will be a part of a mutual artistic creative process, 
Visualize the Invisible